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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Montauk TFTT 2009





Montauk, NY - October 4, 2008

Finally got the Mako out to Tauk this weekend with Pat, Howie, Gordo and Dino. Small craft on Friday, so we ventured out on the great Lazy Bones. Classy operation that had us catching multiple bass and blues. Took home 3 keepers to 16lbs on jigs. Windy as hell out there and 4.5kt drifts made it tough to fish.
          Sat we were up early at 5am and on the water at 6am to gas up at montauk Marine basin. Out of the inlet at sunrise to find thousands of birds and hundreds of boats working all over the point. Hundreds of surfcasters too! Unreal scene. Dino first to land keeper bass at 28" on jig, threw back in hopes of larger fish. Decide to join fleet and birds.
          Started jigging there and I decided to throw the deadly dick at surface blitzes. BAM albie on! Incredible fight with 10 drag runs. Netted. Moved on to land 6 more false albacore, at least 1 for each guy! A first for all of them and they were absolutely thrilled with the fight. Crazy, there were like 7 boats circled around each albie blitz, mayhem. We finally found our own blitzes to work without worrying about other traffic.
          Slack , then outgoing where the fishing really picked up. Ran several drifts over the rips for around 30 bass (5 keepers total with 2 kept for table) and countless blues. My highlight, in addition to the albie, was seeing 3 large bass feeding on top water bait about 20 yards off the bow. I tossed my diamond jig about ten feet past them and reeled it in quickly right under their noses , aggresive hook up right away and landed my keeper. Very cool to see the whole scene develop right in front of me because the water was so clear in the rolling rips. Incredible weekend with lots of beers to celebrate some hardcore fishing at the Point. Montauk Grand Slam for everyone onboard on Saturday, Bass/Blue/Ablie!

-Capt. TS

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