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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Montauk TFTT 2009




Pink Squid Tournament, Martha's Vineyard

June 7, 2008

Last month I took part in the Pink Squid Yacht Club Bass/Blues Charity Tournament to benefit Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Martha's Vineyard.  The tournament ran from 12:00am Friday to 4:30pm Saturday.  Having participated in many tournaments in the past without much success I was completely on board with Capt TWs aggressive game plan to fish the entire tournament from start to finish.

We left Cape Cod Friday afternoon and stopped halfway across the Nantucket Sound to catch some scup for bait.  While fishing for scup (porgies) we caught and released plenty of small fluke, sea bass, and Tautog as well.  In about a half hour we had filled the live well and headed on to MV.  We arrived in Edgartown around 5:00pm and after dropping off our gear at the hotel we went out to grab some dinner. After dinner and a few drinks we decided to head back to the hotel to get some sleep before leaving the dock. After closing my eyes for what felt like 5 seconds we were up and headed down to the dock to take off.  We left at about 11:00pm in pitch black darkness.

It started drizzling once we left the harbor and the fog got increasingly worse as we headed down to the Elizabethan Islands .  Because of the weather and the fact that is was close to midnight we had to navigate completely by GPS and radar.  It took us about an hour to get to the spot where we wanted to start fishing.  At around 12:05 we dropped a smorgasbord of bait in hopes of catching a giant cow.  We tried eels, scup, crabs, and also tried dragging some parachute jigs.  Nothing worked and it turned out to be a pretty long night.

Leaving the harbor

Coming back in

Once the sun came up we headed to a new location and started trolling some parachute jigs.  At around 8:00am RB hooked up first and pulled in a nice 15-16 pound fish.  Within a few minutes of his fish hitting the deck, I hooked up with a similar size fish.  We kept trolling a while longer with no results so we decided to move on to the next spot. 

            As we were driving East we noticed a flock of birds working over some fish.  Thinking they were bluefish, we decided to head over and try to get in a winner in that category.  We threw some poppers out but had no luck and couldnt figure out why they were not biting.  Then, as RB was reeling in his popper a 16lb bass jumped clear out of the water and hit it!  The schools we were chasing were all striped bass, not bluefish!  RB fought the big bass on a small spinning rod which turned out to be a great fight.  We chased the school for a while longer but eventually they just disappeared.

JH with bass

MM with bass

            We stopped one last time on our way back to Edgartown and dragged some parachute jigs which produced a small 28-29 bass and a 6lb bluefish.  While trolling we saw some small boats working the rips closer to shore in about 5 feet of water.  We headed towards them to see what all the commotion was about.  Looking into the crystal clear water you could see it was filled with sand eels and squid.  Then as we looked around we saw huge bass crashing through the rips and devouring the bait!  We grabbed the spinning rods and went to work.  We tried every popper and jig that we had on the boat but they would not bite.  It was frustrating to see so many bass in one spot and be unable to catch them.  It was still a pretty amazing site!  Eventually TW was able to hook a small 28 fish with a Ron-Zi lure but that would be the only one we would net. 

            We ended up getting back to Edgartown with 4 bass and 1 blue in the cooler.  The tournament winning bass was around 27lbs and the winning blue was over 10lbs.  We were not close to winning but had a respectable showing and great time fishing.  The PSYC did a nice job with the tourney and it made me psyched for our upcoming tournaments.  You cant beat fishing with friends for a good cause.


Bucket O fish

PSYC 2008

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