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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Montauk TFTT 2009




New Bass Fly Record

Montauk, NY - October 12, 2008

Oct 12 after a great fundraiser for wounded warrior and missing out on some great Saturday action, I booked Capt. Bill Cox to take me out on the South Side of the point for some Stripers on the fly rod. We had a leisurely 1pm start and went out to Shag for the slack tide to turn and ran some sinking lines to warm up my shoulder. Three casts into some current with a sinking fly and I had my first Blue fish of the day. After one of those we started south east around the fleet off of The Point. Capt. Cox is a wily vet and didn’t want anyone to see us heading South. Due east of the lighthouse we were looking for any remaining albacore but they all had left with the drop in temperature. As we headed south we ran across a decent pod that had just submerged. Capt. Cox received a radio signal that the action was further inshore and we raced to Cliffs off of Camp Hero. And worked our way West. With a setting sun and moving tide the action was going to start migrating west and hit us as we headed East toward the point. As we raced around we encountered numerous schools and I hit a few smaller Bass and Blues when I was not patient enough to “cast when I saw the Brown Backs” in the middle of the boil. It is tough to have a sea of moving water approaching your boat and to have to wait a few seconds before casting in. 30 seconds seems like an eternity! One particular boil just off the beach in front of Warhol’s compound was amazing. All of the bait was pushed in close and the size of the boil was at least a ½ acre wide. Most of the bass were smaller and there were a lot of bluefish in the mix so I just stood there and watched. Mother Nature put on a great show! Now we were starting to make our way East and one after the other were pods coming our way. The big 32 incher you see came from down deep and it was my best cast of the day. Finished on a high note and was back to the dock by dinner time. An outstanding day. Next year we throw a few Albacore in there for a Montauk Slam!


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