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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

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Bass Fishing on the Soaker - Montauk, NY-  September 15, 2007


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Not much time to write up officially…

Crew chartered the Soaker on Saturday morning. Snotty conditions and everyone was over-served night before at the bar. Caught our bait, porgies. That was fun in itself!  Loaded up the live well .

Fished for a few hours with nothing, right off the Point.  Then,…..bam!  my rod bends down to the water, pick it up and spooled the reel!  (Rookie mistake, hack!)   Mate grabs reel and sorts out the line as best he could.   Hands it back and I’m in!  big bass, 3 run offs and gaffed.  Pat hooks up too while I’m on my fish.  20lber

Gordo hooked up shortly after….fish at surface…leader breaks (MATE grabs and holds the leader while capt gaffed fish in!!!!)  SAVE!

Made it back to the dock, wind picking up stronger than ever!  (Good luck afternoon trip!?!) EXCELLENT Capt. Harvey and Mate Ray.  Made for a memorable trip.  Got a freezer full of bass now for fall/winter, wife appreciates my hunter/gatherer instinct.

Great day.

My NSAC Record bass was 39" 24lbs, 6 ounces

Capt TS

NSAC Record bass was 39" 24lbs, 6 ounces

NSAC Record Sea Bass? Unconfirmed weight and length

TS and PN



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