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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Montauk TFTT 2009




Miami Mixed Bag - 4-05/2008

Boat #1 Log (Boat #2 Log Below)
The Nigro/Stevens crew were in south beach for cousin Adam’s wedding. The day after the wedding my brother was generous enough to charter the New Moon fleet for all of us to do some sail-fishing. Pat, Myself and Jerry had one boat , Tony , Adam , The gooch , and the rickster on the other boat. This log will be for my boat. We headed out the inlet in a stiff breeze and almost immediately started trolling a drone spoon on a planer board. Within a few minutes I was reeling in what would turn out to be an NSAC record King Mackerel @ 6lbs and 27”. After that we pulled it back and started kite fishing with live threadfin herring. Two out on a kite one down deep and one on a flatline. We hooked up a sail in short order and it was pat’s turn on the stick , it was obvious that pat had his adrenaline pumping and let’s just say mistakes were made. We slow trolled around with not a lot of action and got word the other boat was having better luck and decided to move. Pat hooked up the new NSAC record cero mackerel @ 21” and 4 lbs while reeling up the down bait. Redemption! After setting up in the new spot we hooked up with another sail which was released boatside @ an estimated 40lbs which tied the other boats estimate on their released sail , leaving NSAC with a controversial but not unprecedented tie in the record books for atlantic sailfish. One last event on our trip was the big shark. We raised what I believe was a large hammerhead. We got it hooked up and Pat took the rod to his credit he handled the fish well but the cards were stacked against us on this one. After 10 min he broke the line and we headed home.

PN and Record Cero Mackerel 

AN and Record King Mackerel

Boat #2 
Tony, Paul, Rick and Adam were the crew for Boat 1 in South Beach Miami on a charter so graciously secured by the Juice. Quick steam 15 minutes to the fishing grounds in the Atlantic, 124 ft. Huge chop in the gulf-stream. Sunny, 85degrees, great conditions. Capt Jack and mate Vic rigged up a kite on each outrigger and dropped a short line and a long line on each side. Each hook baited with either live herring, blue runners or Goggle eyes.Capt alerted us to keep the eyes peeled for the dark shadows of the elusive sailfish underneath the live baits. In no time we were on! Adam landed the first sail fish, beautiful fish, great fight for the newlywed. The Gooch was next to land a Bonita on the flat line, spinning reel set-up.  1st Salt water species for the Gooch!  Next, Rick landed a great sailfish after a huge drag-peeling run. Adam then lost a sailfish after it spit the hook on a brief, yet thrilling fight. Tony next up on the short-right line, tough fight…but yielded a nice barracuda on the Cap'n Jack. Next…another strike with a Sailfish…Tony tended the line and had an amazing fight with runs and leaps! Unfortunately the wire leader broke.  Great day in Miami. Can't beat fishing for premiere game fish just 15 minutes away from the marina




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