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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Montauk TFTT 2009






Memorial Day on the Zephyr:

 The quest to beat PN's Fluke record

Riverhead, NY - 5-26-08

I called AN, PN and TS out to try a day on Riverhead's new party boat The Zephyr. PN declined because he was on a b-day binge. TS , AN and myself decided that we needed to get out and take down PN’s weak 23” fluke record and AN hoped to catch his first weakfish. After a short ride out to Robbin’s Island in Peconic bay our first drift looked great. TS had a 20” short and the mate Paul had another on the second drift (we had the boat to ourselves). It went bad from there as the wind cranked up and the tide turned against the wind. It was hard fishing for about 3hrs until we stumbled onto a big pile of cocktail blues on the east side of robbins island. We switched to jigs and started beating the bluefish for at least two hours. At the end of one drift as the Bluefish stopped biting Adam set the hook into something bigger. It turned out to be a dream fish for AN and a new NSAC record weakfish. (5.4 lbs, 25” long). A few drifts later it was time for a scary ride home happy for AN but still in stunned disbelief that PN’s record held the day. Rumors are starting to circulate that PN is using witchcraft to maintain that record!


BN, AN, and TS

Cooler o' fish

AN with record Weakfish

AN with record Weakfish

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