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Fly Fishing for Shark Bait - Nantucket - July 19, 2007


    JN booked a trip with Cross Rip Outfitters ( ) located in Madaket, MA to do some sight fly fishing for striped bass.  Our guide for the day was Capt. Lynne Burchell Heyer.  We left the dock at around 8:00am and headed out towards the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest side of Nantucket.  

The weather forecast called for rain and heavy fog.  We only got hit with a little drizzle of rain but we did run into a lot of fog.  The fog made it pretty tough to navigate and impossible to sight cast.   
Because the weather was not cooperating Lynne said our best bet was to go for Bonita or Blues.  JN tossed some salt water flies out and I used a spinner rod with a popper but neither of us had much success.  Since the tide was slack, and we had some time to kill, Lynne showed me the basics of fly fishing.  Having only attempted fly fishing a few other times, without much success, I was happy to finally have someone show me how its done.  The first hour of my casting was pretty ugly but by the time the tide started back up I had learned enough to get my fly out within reach of the fish.           
Once the tide started really moving we ran into some huge schools of bluefish.  There were so many of them that you could sight cast for them by looking for their fins coming up out of the water.  It took me plenty of casts but I finally caught my first salt water fish on a fly rod!  JN had been talking up fly fishing and now I saw why.  It is a more challenging  style of fishing but the fight you get on a fly rod can't be beat.     
By about 1pm the sun finally came out and we had caught our fill of bluefish.  We headed over to Tuckernuck Island with hopes of catching some striped bass.  On the coast of Tuckernuck the water is only around 3-6 feet deep and because it is so clear you can see right down to the bottom.  It reminded me of the flats off Florida.
Lynn turned off the motor and began to use a long pole to push us throught the flats.  JN got up on the bow of the boat and got ready with the fly rod.  I hopped up on the front seat of the center console and tried to help find some fish.  At the end of our first drift we saw a huge 34" bass go by.  To see a bass that big just swimming around is pretty cool but to see one in that little amount of water was amazing.  We made a few more drifts and on each one we saw more bass.  Some schools had as many as 7 fish.  They were just cruising around looking for crabs.  Sometimes they would even swim on their sides along the sandy bottom to get off the sea lice.  We weren't able to get any on the boat but just seeing them that close was awesome. 
The Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament was held last weekend in Martha's Vineyard.  One of Lynne's friends needed some bait for the tournament so we were happy to help out.  We gave them plenty of bluefish to use as bait.  Too bad their coolers were full!  
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