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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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Schools of Schoolies 11-24-07

     Capt. HE3 and Capt. Tony (tsnacks) headed out on the Robalo Saturday after Thanksgiving planning for a day of run n gun bass blitzes and 11b togging. Plans were laid the night before at the the D-man's 30th with blessings from the wifeys. Capt. Tsnacks picked up some greenies and diamond jigs and met Capt HE3 11:30am at Wincoma dock for the last Hton NSAC trip of the season. The trusty Robalo started right up despite the cold and ran better than she had most season. Rigged with gear, 7 layers and a turkey hero, we gassed up and steamed out. Conditions were great: Cold, Sunny, light wind 5-10mph from NW, 10:15 Hi, 4:30 Lo.

     By noon we were exiting Hton Bay and into the Sound. A bit of early discouragement as we thought maybe we'd see some birds inside but when we cleared EN Point we spotted massive bird action. SICK. We were one of ~5 boats working the blitz and positioned ourselves ahead of the drifts. For 90 minutes be BAILED STRIPERS to 25" on diamonds. Tsnacks was working the Penn 500 Jigmaster into a frenzy, and HE3 had the NSAC tourny Okuma 6 footer rigged and humming. 15 bass over the rails with frequent double headers. Most fish 22-25" with a few rats mixed in. No line busted blues which was great. Aggressive bass strikes were a blast and the birds were acres and acres across!!

     We left em biting in search of a few bull togs near 11b to round out the season. Set up camp SSE of 11b and got to work. Fished over an hour with only a few bumps and snags but no fish landed. Saw some sister boats swing a few small togs but nothing significant. By ~3:30 we had enough freezing and decided to get after the bass blitz that was growing bigger by Eaton's. Threw the tog rods back up top and got the bass rigs down.

     The birds were going nuts mid sound and off EN. Took a few minutes to get positioned again in the fleet but we made an end around east about 100 yds off EN beach and started BAILING EM AGAIN. Another 15 or so bass over the rails again (we lost count)!! Bass were smaller than first drop to only about 22" but fought hard. We also rigged up the light tackle Okuma Halogen spinner and went to town. Awesome fights on the super light! Sundown by 4:30 had us calling it quits as the bite turned slower. Full moon had our back on the ride in (see pic). Back to dock by 5 to get Tsnacks off to his Montauk trip.

     All in about 30 bass on the day!! Epic season-ender for Team NSAC. Enjoy the pics!!!!!

-Capt. HE3

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