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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Montauk TFTT 2009





Catching Jackie's Birthday Dinner- June 26, 2007

The air was thick and warm as we set out into the glowing red sunset. Capt. TS had spearheaded another enticing bass trip and the crew consisted of two grizzled veterans (PN and GW) and greenhorn JP. We were set up well with plenty of rigs, 15 fresh bunker, ice cold suds, some delicious sandwiches, and a strong desire to catch some fish. We left the dock at 720 anticipating the best fishing to start around 1015 as the high tide was around 9. We headed for a spot off the coast of Caumsett State Park and fished the slow outgoing until 1030.  Without any hits or action, we decided to move. We anchored in a spot off the Coast Guard Station and dropped the anchor well in front of a ledge we’d spotted so the tide would pull us back and we could set up right after the drop-off. With delicious chunks on our lines, moving water, and what seemed like a perfect ledge, we set our lines and waited. After a couple of runoffs, we were convinced we were in a good spot so we chummed and made sure we had bait on our hooks while we listened to reggae and imitated the DJ’s. Finally we heard the sound that is sweet music to all fishermen’s ears, the buzzing of the line while a fish is taking it away from the boat. I grabbed my rod and put my left hand above the reel and the butt of the rod under my elbow while I worked the crank with my right hand. I tightened up the drag and the fish was still taking line out. It felt like a decent sized fish, I was hoping for a cow. He fought like a fat lazy bass not the aggressive blue I thought it might be so I continued to pull up with the rod and reel down bringing the fish closer with each turn of my hand. When I reeled him up to the side of the boat, we saw the shimmering silver, unmistakably a keeper bass and TS gaffed the sucker right out of the water. It was fantastic to get the fish in the boat after hours with nothing more than a couple of hits, this bass made it all worth it.  It was 29" and about 11lbs.  I have a lot of respect for that bass and the fight he gave. Glad we could accommodate the Capt.’s wishes for some delicious bass meat! We fished the rest of the bait with one more runoff before heading to the shamrock for some post fishing suds. Great night.


GW with Bass

GW with Bass 2

GW with bass in teeth

JP PN and GW

Bass gets trip to the Shamrock (Capt TS)


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