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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009 Tournament For the Troops!

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Cape & Islands - Bass & Blues

Pink Squid Tournament, Martha's Vineyard, MA

YDYH Bass & Blues Tournament, Dennis, MA

June 5-7, 2009

There have been so many great trip logs / fishing updates already this year and after reading them I have been itching to get out and do some fishing.  Last weekend I finally got the opportunity.  JW, RB, JM, and I were signed up for two tournaments, the Pink Squid on Martha's Vineyard and the YDYH Bass & Blues in Dennis, MA.  

We left out of Bass River, Cape Cod Friday afternoon and stopped halfway across the Nantucket Sound to catch some scup/porgy for bait.  It was raining and the chop was kicking up so much that we almost fell in a few times.  Despite getting tossed around a little, we were able to fill the live well with bait and also caught plenty of small black sea bass which were released.  The weather had gotten a lot worse than the forecast and the trip over to MV was a little bumpy even in a 32' Ellis Downeast cruiser.  

We got over to Edgartown at about 7:00pm and headed out for a bite to eat.  We hit up the Seafood Shanty for dinner and then had a few cocktails out on the town.  The weather was still not that great so there was not much going on.  We called it an early night and went back to the boat.  Around 6:00am we motored out to a spot recommended to us by a MV local.  We set up and started drifting live scup. We got a few hits and our scup kept being bitten in half which was encouraging.  We continued fishing the same area but there were no bass and few blues.  We managed one small 6lb bluefish and saw some large dogfish following our bait up.  Since there was no dogfish category in the tournament we decided that drifting bait was not the way to go and set out to do some jigging.  We jigged with wire for a short time but there was too much grass in the water and eventually we had to switch over casting lures.  We tried for a few hours but only managed to catch one 28" bass. We gave it our best effort but there were just no fish around.  Luckily RB had brought a grill so we were able to do some barbequing.  We had mixed results with grilling on a moving boat.  Trying to heat a frying pan full of scrambled eggs while cutting through the waves does not work so well but burgers and dogs turn out great.  We got back to the dock around 3/4pm and felt a lot better once we learned that a lot of other people had the same luck.  The tournament winning fish were a 22lb Striped Bass and a 10lb Bluefish.  Although we had no fish to weigh we had spent the day tossing back silver bullets and barbequing on the water so no one had any complaints.

We were scheduled to leave the next morning to fish in Nantucket but we realized we were low on diesel and all of the fuel docks on Martha's Vineyard were closed until 9:00am the next day.  We decided to head to Nantucket because we were fishing there the next day any way and RB had a few friends he wanted to see. 

Edgartown Lighthouse

Bass river to Mashpee, to MV, to Nantucket, and back

We pulled into Nantucket harbor at around 8:00pm.  After docking up, one of RB's friend's, Nick, stopped by the boat.  Nick said he had been out the day before and that the fishing was great.  He gave us some great local fishing intel which would prove to be right on the money the next day.  Once the boat was secure we headed over to Slip 14, , a restaurant owned by another one of RB's friend's Jonas.  I had met Jonas before but had not had a chance to eat at his restaurant.  He is a fisherman and has a few fishing boats.  He also runs a the Nantucket Bluefin Blast Tuna Tournament .  Before opening Slip 14 he had worked at Bluefin, a sushi restaurant, and has a lot of experience with fresh seafood so I expected the food to be great.  We started off with some appetizers - cod fritters, smoked bluefish pâté, and calamari, and artichoke dip.  They were all were delicious.  For the main course, Nick recommended the sea scallops so I gave them a try.  They were excellent and everyone else's main courses looked just as good.  Overall, the food was amazing and the seafood was super fresh and cooked perfectly.  I highly recommend stopping in for lunch or dinner if you ever have the chance.  

After dinner we hung around and had a few more drinks.  The restaurant has a huge bar outside and gets pretty packed at night.  At around 11:30 we headed down to some local bars for a few more cocktails and then headed back to the boat around 1:30am.  Thanks to Nick, Jonas, Christie, and everyone else who helped us out last weekend for their hospitality and for showing us such a great time in Nantucket!

Slip 14


            We got up around 7:00am the next morning and headed out to fish off the east end of Nantucket for the second tournament.  We left in think fog but it eventually burned off as the sun came up.  Nick had given us a location of where the fish had been the previous day and said to fish under the birds with poppers during the slack tide and jig when the tide was moving.  He could not have given us better information.  Immediately upon getting to the spot we saw some birds working.  We sped over and saw other boats bringing in some large fish. We started casting out poppers and other lures in hopes of getting them to bite.  Within a few casts we had fish between 10 and 30lbs chasing out poppers back to the boat.  TW hooked into the first of over five fifteen pound bass using a Yozuri squid lure.  The largest fish was about 19lbs.  He was fishing on top of the cabin and fought the fish to the boat close to 15 feet above the water.  It was impressive and amazing he did not fall in the way the boat was swaying back and forth.  I was using a white popper and had fish chasing it but no bites for the first 10 minutes or so until I saw a large fish chasing it and then my line started peeling out.  I had seen the size of the bass that were chasing it and thought I had a keeper striper for sure.  It turned out to be a big bluefish and it took some fight to get it back to the boat.  We worked the fish until the birds dispersed and the tide started running.  We then jigged the remainder of the afternoon and pulled in a few more good size bass.  What a day of fishing!  We had a cooler full of fish and the weigh-in was in Bass River on the south side of the Cape at 4:00 so we started heading back around 2:00pm.  We got to the weigh in location and brought up our fish up to the scale to see how we did.  The winning bass was 26lbs and had been hooked through the back with a bunker spoon. Talk about luck!  Although we were about 6lbs short in the striped bass category we did end up winning 1st place for the bluefish.  The 9.3lb bluefish I had caught in the beginning of the day turned out to be the winning fish.  We were all pretty spent but psyched that we had taken 1st place in one of the tournaments that weekend.  We grabbed some food at the tournament dinner and then took off for home.  After a rough day of fishing Saturday we ended up having an insane day of fishing on Sunday and an all around awesome weekend.  Thanks to JM for letting us live on his boat for the weekend and to JM/RB/TW for putting the weekend together.


Nantucket Lighthouse

Fog leaving Nantucket

Capt JM at the helm of the "Echo"

RB - Ready to fish early Sunday Morning

TW with bass

JH with 1st Place Bluefish

Fish on the deck

TW cutting up bass

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