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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."

  -Washington Irving

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New Moon Beach Bass

July 31, 2008

Haven't been out much this season but the stars were lining up well Thursday and with Capt Tsnacks/Seabass' successful trip the night before, got me amped to soak a line from the beach. 

Checked the tide (~5pm lo), weather (calm), sunset (840) and moon (Aug 2 new = awesome). Plan was to take earlier train home and get to water before dark. Before leaving work, my man AK-47 reminded me to use the teaser and work it slow with a nice wake. Word.

Stopped into NEB&T but for some reason they were closed, so went to WMAR in hopes of picking up black and yellow teasers. No dice either. Remembered I had a white teaser in the bag so figured Id innovate with a blacker magic marker. Got home by 620, kissed the wife and baby. Wolfed dinner then fed baby a bottle. Tucked wifey and baby to bed, threw on my NSAC long sleeve and headed to Bay Club. 

Got wet by 830. At first worked a yellow swimmer with the black teaser 3' ahead. Flurocarb leader. Worked the area east of dock for a bit w/ no luck. When dark really fell just before 9 I switched over to a yellow needle nose so that I would make a little more splash and kick a bigger top water wake. Second cast with it, working low and slow, and DAMM! Nice pull and ripping line. Was using the lightweight okuma spinner so fight was great. No jumps so hope was hi for stripes! Worked it in and beached a nice bass. No official measure but ~ 26-28', good size gut. And hit the teaser too! Fumbled around with my flashlight and camera phone and snapped off a few hack photos (above). Scrambled to make sure I got her back in alive, so unhooked her and revived to swim off. First real bass of the season and i needed it. 

Rest of nite beautiful. Very dark, water warm and calm w/ little wind pick up late. Tried a few more cast until about 10. Even changed to a popper but nothing more than a little bump. Great night to relax and fish solo . Think may try again this w/e given the new moon.

Capt. HGE3

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