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Striped Bass Charter - Saturday May 26, 2007

4:30am – We met up at Foodworks on 25a to grab some breakfast.  After buying sandwiches and some much needed coffee we made our way down to Britannia in Northport to meet up with Captain John Alberda of Sound Charters.  We had two charters reserved, one for the morning and one for the afternoon.  The morning crew was made up of R. Courtemanche, H. Einhorn, C. Turner, J Hlenski, J Higgins, and G Wood.  We met Captain John and then waited a few minutes for his mate John to show up with the bait.  His mate John showed up a couple of minutes later with some bags of freshly snagged bunker.  Once we had the bait we loaded up the boat set out to catch some bass. As we made our way out of Northport Harbor towards the Long Island Sound were able to watch an amazing sunrise over Ashroken. 


Leaving Britannia


Northport Harbor


Ashroken Coast Guard Station

GW and HE


Our first stop was just west of buoy 13 in front of the Ashroken Coast Guard Station.  Here we set up three rods with bunker chunks on circle hooks attached to weights with fish finders.  We got a few hits and some weak run offs but nothing would stay hooked.  After about an hour and a half we had only landed a sea robin.  Captain John had good luck at Buoy 15 the day before so we decided to give that a try.  We set up at Buoy 15, which was a fifteen just outside of Cold Spring Harbor, and dropped some new chunks.  The area was completely packed with people due to the holiday weekend.  Despite the number of boats there we only saw two bass caught.  Neither fish was caught by our boat. 

Waiting for bass

JH on wire

JH and CT on wire

HE on wire

After about an hour of sitting, we gave up and headed back to the triangle.  We tried some more chunking but again  got nothing.  With only about an hour remaining in the trip, Captain John decided to switch over to wire line and parachute rigs.  We trolled them back and forth through the triangle and about fifteen minutes into trolling Gordon yelled “fish on!”  We had spent over four hours on the boat with nothing to show for it but now we finally had something on the line.  Gordon fought the fish for about five minutes before Mate John was able to get it netted and onto the boat.  It was a bass and it was definitely a keeper!  The bass was 33” and weighed 12 pounds.  It ended up being the largest bass of the day and the first NSAC record striped bass. We continued trolling wire for another half an hour and R. Courtemanche caught another bass that was just short at 26”.  At around 12:30pm we headed back to Northport to drop off the first group and pick up the second charter. 

Capt John and John working hard to find fish

GW fighting bass

John netting bass

Bass in net

GW Bass

GW with Bass

RC with 26" bass

RC with 26" bass

            The second charter was made up of K. Wood, J. Wood, D. Sonne, C. Booth, and J. Higgins.  We left the dock at around 1:30pm and headed back out to the triangle.  The sun was now blazing and the temperature was easily 90 degrees.  Luckily we had some frosty beverages to keep us cool.  We started out drifting chunks again but had about the same luck with that as the first group did.  This time we had stronger run offs but only caught one bluefish.  We kept this up and tried a bunch of different spots but caught no bass.  Once again, with only about an hour left in the trip Captain John switched us over to wire.  We trolled around the triangle and, just like the last time, within fifteen minutes K. Wood was hooked into a fish.  It ended up being a keeper bass.  The fish was 29” -6lbs and was K. Wood’s first keeper bass.  Our trip was supposed to be over at 6:30pm but because we had just caught our first fish Captain John extended the charter.  We continued trolling wire and ended up catching another 26” short bass.



JW and CB Jigging

CB fighting bluefish

Although we did not catch as many fish as we had hoped for, we did catch some bass and had a great time.


JH 26" bass

KW first keeper!




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